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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

10 Tips and Advice on how to become a couponer

I always say you do not need to be an extreme couponer to save money.  As I do admit that some weeks I do bring in way more than I will ever use and hold on to too many things.  I like to be able to provide for my household, be able to give to loved ones, and donate to those in need.  I do not think that the lifestyle of an extreme couponer is for everyone but you can still be a savvy smart shopper and still get amazing deals.  The whole point of couponing is to save money.  So whether you use about five dollars in coupons a week or hundred in coupons a week, you are still saving money.

Here are some tips that I often talk about on my youtube channel but I don't think I have ever put all in one place.

  1. Start Small.  Pick one store to focus on. Do a small first transaction of using about 4 coupons  to get your feet wet and understand the motions especially if you never used coupons before
  2.  Collect Coupons.  To coupon you need coupons.  Start buying about 4 newspapers (usually one paper for each person in your household in an even number amount) and start finding websites that have great coupons like,, and
  3. Be Organized.  You can either cut your coupons and do the binder method, portfolio method, or not cut your coupons and just organize your coupon inserts in folders to put in a filing case.  Being organized is the most important thing when it comes to couponing.  If you can't find coupons you can miss out on a great deal.  I've been there and done that.  Don't let it happen to you.
  4. Make Space.  Whether or not you are going to be extreme or just savvy.  You will still get multiple of the same items when they do go on a great sale and you must have a space that holds your small stockpile.  The space does not need to be a huge space.  Again, Start small.
  5. Never Compare Yourself.  It may be hard but never compare yourself to other couponers.  Also the size of someones stockpile versus yours does not mean that just because there stockpile is bigger that they are a better couponer than you.  Also, everyone is on a different path and coupon for different reasons.  No matter how many years you may have been couponing there are always things to be learned.  
  6. Set a Budget.  Set a budget for you.  My budget is going to be different than your budget.  There is no right or wrong.  Your budget over time will decrease because as you build a stockpile you will not need as much.  I also keep my couponing budget separate from my grocery budget.  However that is up to you.  It is more about what you are spending than what you are saving.
  7. Make friends with Other Couponers.  Get on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media and talk to other couponers.  It is great to get help from others and meet new people.
  8. Watch youtube videos/Read Blogs/Get on social media.  When I first start couponing I was watching tons of youtube videos where I learned a lot of helpful information.  Read tons of blogs.  It may seem repetitive but it will help with understanding all the information.  Also blogs are great because they will post deals as they are popping up right away.  Get on social media where other couponers are consistently posting deals and helping others out.
  9. Study.  Seriously study on how to coupon.  You get out what you put in.
  10. Don't get discouraged.  There will be times that the deal will not work out like you thought it would.  It is okay.  Mistakes are going to happen.  When I first started couponing I would let my mistakes ruin my day.  Now I get a little annoyed but it happens.  Just learn from it and move on. 

For more couponing tips you can head over to my youtube channel where every Wednesday I do Coupon Topic Wednesday's (CTW).  You can find my youtube videos at Also, you can follow my blog through email by signing up in the top left of my blog. Finally, I'm on Instagram as hksocko.