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Monday, April 27, 2015


As of today if you visit the video value website you will get an inconvenience message.  I am really not surprise that the video value program has ended.  I knew that something was probably going to happen to them because of the new plenti program and with getting new cards and new accounts soon.  I assumed at least we wouldn't be able to print the April VVs, so I made sure to print the ones I wanted. I really didn't think that the program would end in its entirety.  However, good things do come to an end but I am hopeful that Rite Aid will put out even more facebook coupons and maybe a new coupon program.  As couponers we will adapt and you must realize we do get tons of deals even without the video value coupons.  It may be a sad day but I do think that better things are going to be happening at Rite Aid.

I am too excited for the new Plenti program for the video value news to bring me down. Keep your chins up couponers.  I'm sure great deals will still be coming at rite aid.

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