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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rite Aid Plenti Point Program: Wellness+ with Plenti

What is Wellness+ with Plenti?
Rite Aid has joined Plenti to offer and enhanced customer rewards program that includes the great benefits Rite Aid wellness+ members currently enjoy.  Members will continue to have the opportunity to earn wellness+ discounts, exclusive sale prices, 24/7 access to a pharmacist, and other current wellness+ benefits, while also gaining the ability to earn Plenti points at Rite Aid and lots of other Plenti partner locations, including American Express, AT&T, Exxon and Mobil, Macy's and Nationwide.  These Plenti points can then be used towards savings at certain participating partners, including Rite Aid, Exxon and Mobil, and Macy's.

What are Plenti Points?
Plenti points are rewards earned and used within the Plenti program.  Plenti points are earned at Rite Aid the same as +UP Rewards were previously earned, but customers will have more time to use their Plenti Points.
1000 Plenti points+ at least $10 in savings.  Members can boost their points by redeeming special offers available through or the Plenti mobile app.
Customers have at least two years to use points towards savings after points are earned.  On december 31st of each year, any points older than two years will expire.

NOTE: Customers must fully sign up online to be able to use Plenti points at certain participating partners including Rite Aid, Exxon and Mobil, and Macy's.

A customer can sign up for wellness+ with Plenti in store at their local rite aid, at,, or on the Plenti Mobile app.

Are +UP Rewards Gone?
YES, +UP Rewards have been replaced with Plenti points.  +UP Rewards are being discontinued as of early April 2015.  Customers who choose not to register for wellness+ with Plenti will not be able to to receive Plenti points.


+UP Rewards
Plenti Points
Store Credit
Reward Value
e.g. $1
e.g. 1,000 points= at least $10 in savings
14 days
At least 2 years from issuance
Earn Mechanism
Store credits loaded to card earned by purchasing promoted products
Plenti points loaded to card earned by purchasing promoted products
Use Mechanism
Automatic use of loaded store credit for next eligible purchase at Rite Aid
Option for members to choose when to use points and the specific number of points

 *I am assuming that we can redeem points on items where we are earning points*

When are earned Plenti Points available for use?
Plenti points earned at Rite Aid are available for use toward savings after 6 a.m. the next day at Rite Aid and other participating partner locations.

Is there a minium number of Plenti Points that members need to earn before they can redeem their points?
Members need to earn a minimum of 200 points ($2.00) to start using their Plenti points toward savings.

How will+UP rewards be phased out?
+UP Rewards are discontinued as of early April 2015, so all +UP rewards will expire before the launch of wellness+ with Plenti.

Will Customers still be able to earn wellness+ point to qualify for Goldm Silver, and Bronzer discounts in the store?
YES.  Customers will continue to earn wellness+ points towards Gold, Silver, and Bronze status discounts.

Why do I have to get a new card?
Members need a new Plenti card because, without it, they will not be able to earn or use Plenti points at certain Plenti partner locations across the country like Exxon and Mobil stations that require a magnetic strip for scanning at the gas pump.

For more information watch my YouTube video:

*All my information came from the Rite Aid "Frequently Asked Questions" booklet my store manager gave me*