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Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Coupon at CVS



The first thing you want to do when you first start shopping at cvs is sign up for the store card.  You can do this either on their website or in person with the cashier.
Once your receive your card you want to sign the card up online.  You will need the barcode number on the back.  Once you sign it up you will then start to receive cvs coupons in your email.  Most of these coupons will be purchase base coupons and percent off coupons.  They would be $3 off a $15 purchase or $4 off $20 purchase or 20% or 30% off your transactions. You can also use manufacturer coupons along with the purchase base coupons or percent off coupons.  Also, I have realized that the longer you have your cvs card the less coupons you will receive in the your email.

When in cvs stores don't forget to scan your card at the Red Box Machine.  This is where you will scan your card and it will give you cvs coupons.  You can scan your card up to three times a day. These coupons you can also stack with manufacturer coupons.

Like other drugstores you can earn rewards on select products that are on sale for that week.  These rewards will print on your receipt after your purchase.  In order to reach the spend threshold of an extrabuck promotion, you only need to reach 98% of the required amount for the extrabucks rewards to be triggered.  For example if it is "Spend $30 get $10".  You will only need to reach $29.40.  There is also the exception for the deals that have two options for the spend amount, such as “spend $10.00 OR spend $5.00.” You must reach the exact amount for the extrabucks to be triggered for these deals.  Also the amount you need to reach for any extracare buck deal is BEFORE coupons.   There are always limits for these extracare buck deals.  Always check the ad or tags in stores for the limits. 

Don't forget to roll your rewards into other deals.  "Rolling" is a great skill to acquire as a couponer.  "Rolling" means to pay for your transaction with store rewards and then receive rewards afterwards.   This will have you spending very little cash out of pocket.  Cvs is great for this because you can use the rewards you receive that day and use them that same day in your next transaction.  If you are new to cvs do small transactions and roll your rewards so you are spending less.

Sign up for CVS Beauty Club which is another way to earn extracare buck rewards.  In the beauty section at your store there should be a sign with a tear pad coupon that says sign up for cvs beauty club.  Bring that paper to the cashier so they can scan it when you use your card and you will be automatically signed up.  If you can't find the tear pad coupon than simple ask your cashier and they will know what to do to sign you up.  The way beauty club works is when you Spend $50 you get a $5 Extrabuck.  This does not come out on you receipt.  It will print out at the Red Box machine when you scan your card on your next visit or 24-48 hours later.  The items that are included are cosmetics, ethnic hair care, fragrances, hair accessories, hair appliances, hair care, hair color, hosiery, healthy skin care and skin care.  The CVS Beauty Club is an amazing promotion because when beauty items are on sale it will also count towards beauty club.  It double dips into two different promotions.  You can really benefit with the Beauty Club so make sure you sign up.

Don't forget to get your rain checks at cvs.  Since it is a drugstore they aren't going to have enough in stock as other big super stores.  Most of the time cvs is out of the popular sales going on that week by Sunday evening or Monday.  The best thing to do is get a rain check.  Don't worry you will get your extracare bucks when you redeem your rain check.  They will force print it so you won't lose out.