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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The first thing you need to shop at rite aid is a wellness card.  It is FREE to sign up.  Without a wellness card you won't be able to earn rewards or save on the in store sales.  Walk up to the cashier and ask to sign up for the wellness card.  It is that simple.

At rite aid you can earn rewards. These rewards are called +UP.  You can earn these rewards on certain products that change weekly and are listed in the ad and on the sales tags in the store.  In the ad you will see it in red GET $X+UP.  You earn these rewards AFTER you make the purchase.  The +UP will be added onto your card.  You can call 1-800-riteaid and ask them to have them be printed.  I like to have the physically in my hand so I can determine what order I want to use them.  The +UPs earned do not have to be redeemed on the same card where they were earned.  The +UP Rewards expired after 14 days from earning them and can not me redeemed until the next day from earning them.

Read the Rite Aid Coupon Policy here

1. The Rite Aid Coupon policy is very straight forward.  If you have any question specifically that I did not cover in my video or here, please let me know.  I will reiterate some things here:
  • You can use a cents off coupon with a buy one get one free coupon.  As long as the value does not exceed the product.  (Some stores may or may not give you the overage)
  •  You can use a RC 48 (rite aid coupon), RC 49 (rite aid coupon) and a manufacturer coupon on one item.  You can also use a purchase base coupon i.e $5 off of $25 purchase. 
  • +UP Rewards can be used for any non-prescription purchase.  

2. "Rolling" Rewards (+UPs) is a skill that you do want to acquire.  The more you shop at rite aid the more you will get the hang of this.  "Rolling" simply means paying in rewards (+UPs) and getting back the same if not more than what you used to pay for your purchase.  Sometimes "rolling" them may not be always simple.  Some weeks are really great!  You make a ton in +UPs and then the next too weeks there aren't as many deals.  So to me the best way to roll is to get things you may want or need that has a +UP deal attach to it.  So at least you will be getting back some of your +UPs even if you are loosing some of them.  

When this happens, again like I said, make sure it is stuff you need/want to make it worth it to go down on your rewards.  My other advice if there is absolutely nothing you need, then buy food.  This way it eliminates your out of pocket at the grocery store instead of blowing your rewards on things you don't need.  Of course don't forget to maximize your savings with coupons.

3.  The Place I like to go to see Rite Aid's upcoming week ads can be found here.   I love the "I heart rite aid" website.  Sometimes there can be a whole months worth of upcoming ads and sometimes just a couple weeks ahead.  But no matter what it is so helpful.  Being able to look at the upcoming sales really helps with "rolling' your rewards.  Like I said in my video,  if you look at the week or weeks ahead and realize that the present week is better, than repeat some sales or do other ones to use/roll your rewards.  Rather than waiting and having to waste them on a week that is lacking.  Of course this is different for everyone.  It is different for everyone because we all have different ideas what is a good deal and there is no right or wrong answer.  I always recommend looking ahead.

  • The other perk of looking at ads in advance is to get your coupons ready.  We all know what it is like to try to find that hot coupon that was posted online and is now out of prints or no longer available (NLA).  Or for those who specifically order coupons/trade, you can make sure you get them on time before the sales week is over.  You don't want to miss out.  This is one of the many reasons why I try to get my coupon match up blog/video up early.  I want you all to have enough time to prepare.  

  • My favorite thing for looking at the ads ahead of time is being able to compare the sales week to week.  For example, a Colgate toothpaste may be on sale 2 for $5 get back $2+UP and the following week could be on sale for 2/$7 and you have $1 manufacturer coupons.  Obviously the better deal is the first one.  Even though I would never pay for toothpaste unless I had to "roll" rewards (the first deal for the Colgate is a great deal to "roll" since you are only going down $0.50 per product).  But if this is an item you really need or love then knowing that the first deal is better than the next weeks.  You will save more money and essentially you are getting to pick your own prices.

4.  Now I am going to tell you how to find rite aid coupons.  

  • The first place is on their facebook page.  Every Monday morning there will be different coupons added.  Most of the time these coupons will have a max of 10,000 prints.  Sometimes less.  So when there is a "hot" coupon make sure you hurry and print it before it is gone.  These coupons at RC 49 rite aid coupons and get be used with a manufacturer coupon and a RC 48 rite aid coupon.  Their expiration dates vary.  Sometimes within a week, 2 weeks, or a few months.
  • The second place to find rite aid coupons is to watch their videos.  These coupons are called video values.  This where you watch videos on a specific item and earn a coupon to save money.  These coupons are also RC 49 rite aid coupon and can be used with a manufacturer coupon and a RC 48 rite aid coupon.  To be able to watch these videos you must register your wellness card online.  When logged in, scroll down until you see video values.  This somewhat on the right of the page or you can search for it in the search bar. These video value coupons have a unique bar code and can only be used once.  Once scanned the unique bar code will deactivate.  So if you try to use the same coupon with same barcode it will beep saying "already been used". I get ask a lot on how I get more than one video value.  This is obtained by having more than one card.  1 CARD=1 video value account.  My family lets me print their video values.  You don't have to redeem the video value on the same card you earned it on.
  • The third place is in the physical ad itself.  These are called "in-ad coupons".  These are mostly RC 49 rite aid coupons and even though they say manufacturer on them, they are rite aid coupons.  These again can be combined with a manufacturer coupon.  You cut these out of the ad and hand them to your cashier.  These change weekly!
  • The fourth place is the load to card (L2C).  You will have to have your wellness card registered.  Log into your account and scroll down to where is says "load 2 card".  Click on it.  Then the next page you can start clipping away.  I recommend clipping all of them.  Sometimes you get lucky and an extra coupon will come off or a coupon comes off when it wasn't suppose to.
  • The fifth place is receiving coupons in your email.  Sunday's I get emails from Rite Aid that are named "Rite Aid Weekly Offers".  Some people get them and some may not.  These coupons are also RC 49 rite aid coupons.
  •  The sixth place is in the mail.  I have recently received a one page booklet with six RC 49 rite aid coupons.  I don't think there is a way to improve your chances of getting one of these.  If I find more information I will update this.  I have seen others reporting they have received them.

5.  First time shopping at rite aid or going into a week with no rewards.
 If you are going into a shopping week with no +UP Rewards and you don't want to spend a lot of money, then break up your transactions.  The first transaction you need to be selective on what you buy depending on the sales.  The objective for your first transaction is to spend very little in cash and try to get back the same or more back in +UP Rewards.  If you pay $5 in cash and get back $3 in +UP rewards. That is still decent.  Depending on your budget I would try to spend $10 and under in cash.  Since at rite aid when you earn your rewards that day, they can't be spend until the next day.  So go back the next day and use your rewards that you earned and try to spend again very little cash out of pocket.  Basically the key to spending very little to no cash out of pocket when you first begin shopping or couponing at rite aid is do smaller transactions and "roll' your rewards into each transaction.

 I hope this helped you all!  If I forgot anything or you need more clarification, please contact me.  I will be adding to this post in the future and of course if any information changes it will be updated here! 

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